My AICC Press Brief dated 02.09.2017

Shri Singhvi said, we have a very short, straight, specific point. It is well known, it is an open secret, many of you have published it, and both in visual and print media that detailed investigations have culminated in material against some minister/minister regarding certain specific scams, which have been under active investigation by the country’s premier investigation agency. We are not going into details. It could be the Srijan Scam, it could be the Medical College Scam it could be some other scam. What we are saying is-

1. The Hon’ble Prime Minister and the Government of India must share the names and the departments of these persons who have been specifically named.

2. More importantly, we ask the question through you, is it sufficient to simply drop them from the council of ministers or transfer them here or there or change their department? Does it not require proper criminal action as an accused which in the case, the CBI proceeds with a PE which is a ‘Preliminary Enquiry” and RC which is a ‘Regular Case’.

He added, we ask the Hon’ble the Prime Minster, the Government to reply to this, to tell us, to share with us. It is but natural, that continued silence will be interpreted as complete lack of accountability or more appropriately as selective accountability, as opportunistic accountability. If you are in the government, in the council of ministers or close to the ruling party or dispensation, then there is one kind of accountability which begins with the number 0. If you are not, then there is a different kind of accountability which may even exceed 100%. I think this selectivity and opportunism is something which can be avoided by the government by sharing with the country the details and definitely clear, criminal legal action is called for.

On the question asked on the recent thumbs up given by the RSS to the government, Shri Singhvi said, I do not the official statement, but figures and facts have a strange way of being painful, truthful and undeniable. If they have said what you are saying, they are only speaking the truth. But they are still guilty of gross understatement. I don’t want to take time, but let me tell you very quickly, that is not a gross understatement the way you have formulated it. When for This quarter we are down to 5.9. What is 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 5.9? Number 2, same quarter last year is always the comparative basis. What was it? Exceeding 7.5. Thirdly, in all these years in which quarter have we had 5.9? These are published figures of official agencies, linked to many other issues which we do not have time to go into now. Why did the RBI take the longest time? Nobody in the world, no central bank takes 9 months to count and give you statistics about demonetization. 10 months were taken, I think this must be the slowest exercise by the RBI, but I would complement the RBI, the RBI is not so slow, unless they are deliberately slow.

Secondly, every parameter is changed every day. You are told that the objective of demonetization was not to prevent money getting back to the banks; you are told that the objective of demonetization was not this and not that. Where is the greater increase in catching of counterfeit? – Marginal increase. Where is the diminishing in terrorism? – Nonexistent. Where is the return to the banks far less than 5 lakh crores which was claimed? – 99% has come back. And if the object was to have a credit card economy, I am sorry it takes a long time, a lot of infrastructure to create a credit card economy, not the push button of demonetization.

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