Address of Gopalkrishna Gandhi at 7th Dr. LM Singhvi Memorial Lecture:

Dr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi was the Chair of the event. During his address he said,

“I would like to express my elation on four things.

Firstly, at hearing our speaker today deliver a lecture without a scrap of note in his hand is reflecting his knowledge, profoundity, and humour. If reincarnation is true, two reincarnations have taken place simultaneously, of a Parsi priest and a prominent judge in the form of Justice RF Nariman

Secondly, we have heard today the exoositions of reincarnation on Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, universal ideas, etc from the mind of a member of the smallest minority community in India – the Parsi community.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi

Thirdly, in seeing this hall completely filled in capacity reflects that he was a great integrator of ideas and persons. Th essence of protocol is courtesy, that is what has brought us together.

Fourthly, our host today – Dr. Abhishek Singhvi is a honourable member of the Congress and his father was a prominent member of the BJP. Today under the uniting roof of Dr. Ambedkar’s unanimous magnanimity, everybody has gathered together.”

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