Address of Hon’ble Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman at 7th LM Singhvi Memorial Lecture:

Keynote Speaker Hon’ble Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman was the keynote speaker of the 7th Dr. LM Singhvi Memorial Lecture held today at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre. He delivered his keynote address on the topic “Reincarnation: Comparative Religious Perspectives”.

Speaking on the topic Justice RF Nariman said, “Pythagoras argued that reincarnation is not only an affair of humans, but also of plants and animals. Everybody becomes a subject of ‘Transmigration’.

Plato mooted reincarnation in two of his books, the most famous book is the Republic. Apart from this, Fedo mooted the idea of karma as the basic force behind incarnation.

The Zoroastrian religion also doesnt say much about reincarnation, it just touches it goes. It saus, Zaratushtra is being sent to the earth as he has proved his worth earlier.

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman

The three great faiths that permeate India talk about reincarnation. The first is Jainism. Mahavira went to the eternal essence of ‘Jeeva’. There is a wheel through you transmigrate, and the ooerator of the wheel is Karma!

The first important thing about Buddhism is, he refused to believe in the idea of soul. Everything is in a state of flux. What you are doing right now is Karma and decide your future life. Your Karma accounts are taken, you have good vs bad, deciding your fate.

Buddhism touches upon two interesting ideas – it says, what transmigrmrates are heredity and character.

Basic stress of Rigveda is on creation of life. Garuda Puran talks about the idea of ‘Pinda’ ritual that throws light on reincarnation. Acc to Hinduism, you can reincarnated in any of the kife forms.

All the three indic religions talk about the idea of ‘Transmigration’.

Indian philosophy of reincarnation explains:
1. It takes us towards the idea of basic morality.
2. Reincarnation and karma are like Newton’s third law.
3. You should be compassionate to every living being.
4. It explains the lives of heroes and stalwarts.

There are four pitfalls in the idea of reincarnation:
1. You are being punished
2. It is entirely earth centric – Ostrich-like
3. There is no law of Karma which attaches to animals and plants
4. To be born as a human is the best life form”

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