Dr. Singhvi on Ahmed Patel’s demise

Shocked to hear of demise of Ahmed Patel. Had been talking to his son Faisal almost daily. My impression was that Ahmed apatel was on the mend. Terrible news! May his soul rests in peace. ॐ शांति!

He was one of the most unflappable, sharpest, focused political minds I have encountered. He had an unmatched talent to cut to the chase anr his memory recall, connecting names and people to events for the job on hand was unprecedented. Huge loss for the Congress Party.

Had talked to him several times initially during illness. He would seek my advice as a Covid senior! During Bihar, he said he had done several virtual meetings and I admonished him since he had just returned from Faridabad hospital. I Also queried Faisal regarding late admission to Medanta.

I have interacted and worked on several issues with him over 20 long years. Always calm and rock steady, he was a solutions man. No frills person, he would cut to core of problem, speak least, and yet guide the discussion to a concrete solution. His political instincts, intuition, and experience were unmatched.

Covid has been victorious qua two young Congressmen who were Congress secretaries around same time and came to Rajiv Gandhi’s notice and later his inner circle in the 80s – #/Tarun Gogoi and Ahmed Patel. Covid is claiming precious lives right, left, and centre. Initial vigilance is paramount.

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