Speech of Dr. Singhvi at Indian Lawyers Congress, South Zone Conference 2020, Kerala

Country lives in fear like never before , even constitutional authorities live under fear. Regime has to find an enemy daily. Enemy a day keeps health of government good.

The State is busy finding new enemies. Homogeneity and uniformity has become a norm in India now. Hence one nation, one religion, one thought, one ideology etc. Last time when someone tried it in 1930s, we had the Second World War.

The face of new India is 1)Fear; 2)Attack on dissent; 3)Conformity to one thought process only; 4)Typecasting of people even by the PM on the basis of clothes, what you eat; 5)Exclusion of everything that is not homogeneous.

This is exactly the antithesis of the real India…which prides on diversity. India is the most diverse spot in the world.
CAA is against Article 14 of the constitution. It is a dangerous cocktail of Citizenship, Religion, and Persecution. CAA is against Art 14 of the constitution.

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